LG SuperSign Software

LG SuperSign Software offers comprehensive and indispensable technology solutions with the latest products and features tailored to your business needs. Find out more below.
LG Software Overview
LG Software Overview


  • ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_01 ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_01_m

    SuperSign Lite

    Free version, Single user account, Web based application (up to 50 clients)
    ▪ Basic signage Content management software
    - Create a schedule & distribute via Network
    - Manage the player
  • ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_02 ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_02_m

    SuperSign W

    Premium version, Multiple user accounts, Web based application (up to 1,000 clients)
    ▪ Advanced Signage content management software
    - Support Video wall synchronization. Etc


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    SuperSign Editor

    Free version
    ▪ Template based contents editor for SuperSign W and Lite
  • ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_04 ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_04_m

    Simple Editor

    Free version, Single user account
    ▪ Simple Signage content management software
    - Create content and playlist, Distribute them with USB playback
  • ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_05 ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_05_m

    Media Editor

    Premium version, Single user account
    ▪ Professional editor
    - Configure the desired layout with template


  • ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_06 ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_06_m

    SuperSign M

    Premium version, Multiple user accounts
    ▪ Mobile signage contents management software
    - Edit &make a schedule and distribute the content via mobile

External data

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    SuperSign N

    Premium version, Single user account, Web based application
    ▪ Pull the external data source to SuperSign content


  • ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_08 ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_08_m

    SuperSign C

    Free version, Single user account
    ▪ Signage management software
    - Control and remote monitoring via RJ45 and RS232C
  • ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_09 ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_09_m

    SuperSign WB

    Free version, Single user account
    ▪ White balancing software
    - sensor and camera

LG Software Structure - Free version

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LG Software Structure - Licensed version

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