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LG Floor Standing

LG Floor Standing

This is a floor standing type that blends in perfectly with the surrounding decor. Clean and fresh air conditioning is ensured with a high level of cooling performance and air purifying operation.

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Floor Standing

Browse LG’s floor standing air conditioners and experience a blend of functionality, portability and design that works together to fit your space perfectly. Learn More

With floor standing air conditioner units from LG, you’ll stay comfortable with features like:

Neuro Fuzzy Control: The intelligent control system on the floor standing air conditioner senses the optimal temperature needed to provide you with the most pleasant atmosphere.

Auto Restart Function: If there is a power outage while the equipment is operating, it’ll restart in the same mode as before the outage when electricity is restored.

Wireless Remote Controller: Portable aircon units include a wireless remote controller for easy operation.

Auto Swing Function: Portable air conditioners come with an auto swing louver that creates a more comfortable air flow.

Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS): Electricity is wasted when an appliance is connected to a power outlet, even if it’s turned off. SMPS eliminates wasted electricity in standby mode by reducing power consumption (90% reduction of standby power).

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