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21:9 Curved UltraWide Monitor

21:9 Curved
UltraWide Monitor

Introduce 34UC97 for
Creative Professional

It's All Possible

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From computer monitors that bring you CINEMA 3D entertainment in the comfort of your home, to Blu-ray drives, projectors, network storage products and more, LG has the latest computer hardware and computer equipment for your home or office. Learn More

Browse LG computer hardware and equipment designed to enhance your world at work and home:

Monitors: From 3D monitors that turn your 2D world into a full dimensional HD experience, to the cutting-edge display technology that all of our LED and LCD monitors have to offer – you’ll get computer monitors with picture quality that you have to see to believe.

DVD and Blu-ray Drives: See it the way it was meant to be seen with DVD and Blu-ray drives for computers that offer intuitive designs and powerful technologies that ensure the best picture possible and quick load speeds for the latest computer software.

Projectors: Find computer projectors with superior pictures and resolutions designed for multimedia presentations.

Business Solutions: LG offers a broad range of top-class digital devices and solutions, including computer equipment like Network Monitors, Video Conferencing and Security Systems with attractive features and functions that are simple and straightforward.

Large Format Display: Experience a whole new level of Multi-Vision with LG's solutions for video walls, content and display.

Network Storage: Find all-in-one digital media storage devices that let you store and organise enormous amounts of data for access on multiple computers.

IT Accessories: Accessories for LG computer equipment and products deliver high functionality and convenience on the go.

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