Multi Door Styling in a 70cm Space

Stylish A+ energy rated Multi Door fridge freezer in Brushed Steel (Gross capacity 483 Litres)


  • Freezer Drawers
  • Touch LED Controls
  • Large Capacity
  • Linear Compressor


Linear Compressor

At the heart of the refrigerator is a quiet and efficient compressor. It keeps noise to a minimum and helps the environment by using less energy.

10 Year Warranty

LG is so confident of the durability & reliability of it's technology, it includes a free 10 year warranty on it's Linear Compressor.

Large Capacity

Store More, Shop Less
LG large capacity side-by-side fridge-freezers are big enough on the inside to hold your weekly shop, saving you from trip after trip to the supermarket (as long as you remember everything the first time!).

Tower LED

Double LED towers illuminates every corner of the refrigerator.

Freezer Drawers

Easy access to your frozen goods. 3 Freezer Doors, in 3 depths enabling storage of a range of frozen goods and as you are only opening a door at a time, less cold air escapes, thus conserving energy.

Multi Air Flow

How Multi Air Flow works:

Cool air is circulated though multiple vents, ensuring efficient and uniform refrigeration.

Moist Balance Crisper

Our vegetable compartment has special technology that maintains the correct moisture balance and the optimum temperature for fresh and organic vegetables - maintaining their 'from the field' freshness for longer.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

This refrigerator is counter depth, designed to match the depth of your kitchen cabinets. Even with cabinet depth design, it provides 393 net litres of capacity which is very close to that of many full-size refrigerators. If you’re looking for a refrigerator that looks great too, you’ll love that this refrigerator comes with brushed steel sides as well as front, giving it true freestanding ability. It comes with a reliable, 10-year guaranteed Linear Compressor, designed to keep your food fresher for longer whilst reducing the noise and energy usage of your fridge.

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