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Wear the future on your wrist

1.3 inch full touch screen, 3G+ connectivity, Video call capabilities, Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, MP3 player, Voice recognition software


  • Various clock faces
  • Basic Functions
  • Multimedia
  • Voice commands



Various clock faces

On the GD910 you have 8 different faces to choose from, choosing which is best for you by swiping either up or down on the touchscreen.
There are some classic styles as well as ones with a world clock.
If you press and hold on the world clock face you can change it you the place in the world you require

Basic Functions

The GD910 is a full touchscreen device which has many screens.
To access the main screens you need to swipe from right to left to access the screens. The 1st is the call screen where you have a choice of voice or video call. You then come to the main menu screen with the choice of message, contacts, utilities and settings, and the calendar. The last screen is the network screen which shows your signal.


The GD910 is also capable of your standard functionality like other LG handsets Making call, texting and browsing your phone book are made easy as they are just like any other standard LG Device on the market just on a smaller screen. The Watch phone is bluetooth enabled so you will be able to make those calls via your headset which is provided in the box. The watch also has a loudspeaker which enables you to hear your calls.

Voice commands

The GD910 Watch phone also has voice commands!
To access voice commands you need to press and hold the cancel and return button in the middle. The display will change to voice command and the phone will speak to you and ask you to tell it what command you want. If it is a message there is software on the handset which will allow the phone to read your message back to you or confirm a name if you want to call someone in your phonebook

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

The LG GD910 3G Watch Phone brings a serious sci-fi vibe into your life. With a full touch screen, a built-in camera, a built-in speaker, Bluetooth, and a voice recognition system, this bionic gadget can play music, take photos, work as a diary and a scheduler, read back your text messages or make video-calls. And of course, it tells the time.

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