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The first Android phone, 5-line QWERTY keypad


  • Android phone
  • Social Networking Manager (Linkbook™)
  • Instant Messenger and threaded SMS
  • Auto Face-Tagging and Face-To-Action



GW620 3D View

Android phone

Android is all about applications, or ‘apps’. With access to over 100,000 applications to download from the Android Market™, most of which are free, it means that you can personalise your phone to suit you. From social networking apps to keep in touch, news and review apps to keep you in the know or fun apps to keep you entertained, you will never be bored again!

Social Networking Manager (Linkbook™)

Go straight to your friends’ social networking profiles from your contact list. Real time SNS updates ensure that you stay connected even on the move

Instant Messenger and threaded SMS

Enjoy all the benefits of instant messaging from your mobile phone. Plus, the threaded SMS function helps you keep track of SMS texts in an easy-to-follow IM format

Auto Face-Tagging and Face-To-Action

Tag a friend’s photo and the Auto Face-Tagging automatically recognises their face. The Face-to-Action means you can call, SMS, MMS or join your friend’s social networking site simply by touching their face in a picture

5-line QWERTY Keypad

Not up for tiny keypads? Check out the 5-line QWERTY keypad that gives you the freedom and comfort just like your PC keyboard

Real-Time Push Email

You don’t need to visit your mail box every time to check whether you got mail or not. Real-time push email alerts you instantly of new mail delivery

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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