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LG Optimus Me P350

LG Optimus Me P350

  • Android phone
  • Voice Search
  • Fast Internet
  • Full 2.8” touchscreen


LG Android phone Key Features

Android phones are pretty savvy when it comes to any email account, but with Gmail, it really excels. Push email alerts you to new messages as soon as they arrive in your inbox, and your phone will auto-complete any addresses you’ve mailed before. Word documents, MP3s and PDFs can all be read on your Android phone.

Your account is synched automatically, so any changes you make to your email folders or contacts list will be visible on your phone and PC, and you’ll also be able to view the same sub-folders and starred emails as on the desktop account. And, as with desktop Gmail, you can label, prioritise and search all your mail.

Voice Search

Voice Search application creates a fast, user-friendly means for finding information on-the-go.

Intuitive Pinch Zoom

Intuitive pinch zoom function for viewing every content in detail.

Fast Internet

The Android operating system (OS) provides one of the fastest web connections. You can also upload pictures and videos in seconds and stream movies without lag.


Enjoy internet access while out on the move with lightning fast WiFi connection and a PC like internet browser. Access the internet from anywhere with hotspots and enjoy fast data transfer with HSDPA 7.2MBPS speed. Streaming contents will be faster allowing you to enjoy endless entertainment.

3 Megapixel Camera with Auto-focus and Camcorder

Shoots photos and videos in high-resolution with automatic focus, to give you crisp images with every shot.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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LG Optimus Me P350