Advance Your Viewing Pleasure with LG IPS Personal TV

LG IPS Personal TV MT46


  • Personal TV
  • LG IPS Display
  • Full HD (1920*1080)
  • Stereo Speaker



Personal TV (TV + Monitor) - MT55S

LG IPS Personal TV provides various multimedia entertainment such as HD broadcasting, DVDs, Internet, games and photos.
Your viewing pleasure is further enhanced with Full HD picture quality.

Lifelike Colouricon

As LG IPS Monitor features consistency and less changes in colour temperature, it offers a colour impression identical to that of the original image.

Wide Viewing Angleicon

LG IPS allows you to enjoy lifelike picture quality without any colour shift whether you are standing or lying down.

Smooth Colour Changeicon

LG IPS always provides clear images with smooth colour changes.
It allows you to enjoy any content, such as action movies, web surfing and RPG games for a long time in comfort.

Full HDicon

FULL HD resolution brings you magnificent picture quality through outstanding colour accuracy, visual contrast and sharpness.

Stereo Speakericon

Enjoy your movies or games with realistic stereo sound.
With the built in stereo speaker, there is no need for extra speakers around your monitor.


PIP indicates the way of displaying multi-screen at the same time.
View and enjoy TV in a sub-screen while searching the Internet.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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