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Tumble Dryers

Handle all of your clothes with care when you choose a tumble dryer from LG. With a superior selection of drying programmes and precise temperature controls, even your most delicate fabrics are in good hands with LG tumble dryers. Learn More

Choose a tumble dryer from LG and enjoy features like:

LG Sensor Dry: Conventional dryers just keep going, no matter how dry your garments get. That’s bad for clothes and the environment. That’s why LG created Sensor Dry. Multiple sensors on your LG clothes dryer evaluate when to stop, based on how much moisture is present. Sensor Dry is not only good for your clothing; it’s also great for your energy bills.

Electro-Safety Sensor: Multiple, ultra-efficient drying programmes with optimised air-flow systems dry loads faster, more quietly, and save money.

Efficient Tumbling Control: Unlike normal tumble dryers, LG dryers tumble in both directions to untangle the load and dry more efficiently

Temperature Selector: Manually overrides pre-set cleaning programmes.

Water Tank Sterilisation: An anti-bacterial coating on LG tumble dryers prevents contamination.

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