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LG Electronics allows you to realize your dreams and offers the "Right People" great opportunities for growth.

LG provides growth opportunities based on individual talent, a welcoming atmosphere for those who are prepared to work hard and achieve the highest level, rewarding outstanding performance of employees.

Why join LG?

LG Electronics will allow you to realize your dreams. Our corporate environments promote respect and promote individual creativity, offering enthusiasts opportunities for growth and rewarding exceptional performance at every level. Overall, LG is a great place to work.


LG offers opportunities for fast growth to talented individuals and technical experts in offices and hubs around the world.


LG candle for all those who are determined to succeed and demonstrate great initiative and professional skills.


LG offers guarantee rewards for the exceptional development of the employee.


LG Electronics is a worlwide corporation that counts with 82,000 employees that works for their 81 subsidiaries around the world. LG Electronics is effort for give to their clients new products and technologies. LG Electronics is a worldwide class giant in electronics and telecomunications.

LG Electronics produces CDMA dispositive, Plasma TV, DVD players, optical storage products, air conditioner units and more. LG Electronics, make design moderns technologies for a lot of areas; since mobile networks connections up to digital TVs, screens and domestic network connections. Therefore, LG Electronics have capacity of generate an huge environment.

Even more, the LG Electronics innovative products improve the lives of people and have established a corporate culture based on innovation and challenge. This culture of continuous innovation of LG motivates us to be leaders in change processes. With LG Electronics, the sky is the limit.


Since its founding in 1958 and over the last 50 years, LG Electronics is now the world leader in electronic technology industries, information and communication. You can appreciate the history of the development of the technology of LG, entering the Hall of History of LG.


LG Electronics assure the world leader in products and market, through bold investments in R & D, positive efforts worldwide marketing and ongoing activities. LG Electronics is the first to launch cutting edge products such as next generation mobile devices, digital TV and Internet appliances, enabling a whole new future for the electronics, information and communication technology worldwide.

Mobile Communications

  • LG is a leading producer of mobile devices. LG creates handsets that provide an optimized mobile experience to customers around the world with a new technology and innovative design capabilities of the devices. With wireless advance solutions. LG has expanded its presence and market share globally quickly.

Digital Appliances

  • LG is a global leader in the appliance industry to, dedicated to improving the quality of life of consumers through the creation of advanced products and chic. The innovative digital appliances, from washers to refrigerators with steam and Internet TV Incorporated, illustrating LG's commitment to digital convergence.

Digital Display

  • LG is a leading producer of LCD and plasma TV and is the second largest producer of plasma modules in the world. His areas of products include televisions, computer monitors, plasma screens, recording media and chemitronics.

Digital Media

  • LG has a strong interest in digital media and is continuously developed and manufactured digital convergence products that improve the lives of its customers. Its main focus is the production of stylish home theater systems, disc players high definition and other premium quality products in a variety of areas.


LG is always looking for dedicated and enthusiastic people who want to work as a team. Exceptional people, who have the necessary skills to perform at their maximum level. Creative people who have professionalism and desire to actively participate in the global arena. Well educated and successful in the affairs of the world market, with extensive knowledge, experience and a responsible work style.

At LG Electronics, call talented people who seek "The right people". These are people that fit the corporate culture of the company and who are determined to succeed. They are dedicated and enthusiastic, with a strong and insatiable desire for the challenge. They are proactive people, highly competent and able to act quickly and decisively. They provide a 100% determination to achieve goals in the short and long term are equally dedicated to perform brilliantly, with a huge passion for winning.


We are looking for the "Right People" competitive spirit, proactive leadership and special skills that drive the company forward.


LG Electronics creates work environments that allow employees to demonstrate their skills, focus on their work and create value for their customers. Employees are encouraged to be creative and individual approach to the challenges, with emphasis on performance and skills, with equal opportunities on the merits at all levels.




Competition is the cornerstone of the performance and, therefore, we take the competition as the most important factor in the decisions of our staff.


The performance-based rewards are essential for motivation. LG Electronics Performance evaluation results in a fair and rewards as appropriate.


Equal opportunities build trust among people. LG Electronics ensures equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, age, religion or nationality.


Maintaining a long-term perspective is the basis for human resource policies of LG. The human resources programs are designed with an LG long-term perspective and implemented with dedication and persistence.


In their schools worldwide, LG Electronics offers various educational programs for their employees. These opportunities are awarded according to rank and position to promote growth and development, inculcate professional skills they need and allow them to apply the latest technology to work.


LG Electronics employs a reward system cometitivo and only takes into account the employee's employment status, by country, region and employment. This reward system motivates employees to perform in a better way, helping to improve their quality of life.
The reward system LG has fixed and flexible wages.
The fixed salaries are determined each year by a fair evaluation process. Flexible wages are immediate rewards are given to individual employees for their performance and competence.

LG Individuals

"Right persons" are the ones that have capacity to participate actively in the worldwide stage. Listen their opinions.

Bianca Lee-Chang

  • LGEEH, European Marketing Comm. Group

    I am a European PR Specialist and work in the central office of LG in Europe. I coordinate PR activities and provide support and strategic operational planning PR managers in 14 countries, noting how LG demonstrates great innovation and growth worldwide.


Jeong Chun-Hee

  • LGECH, Public Relations Group

    As one of the top 500 corporations worldwide, LG has always been an attractive option and is an honor to work for them. The knowledge, training and skills that I've addquirido here laid the foundations on which to build my career.


Zhang Hui

  • LGECH, HR Team

    As one of the top 500 corporations worldwide, LG has always been an attractive option and is an honor to work for them. The knowledge, training and skills that I've adquired here laid the foundations on which to build my career.



  • LG China Electronics, I&D Center

    My work is related to mobile terminals research and encoding audio profiles, as well as project management. LG is an ambitious company and produces many different product lines. I hope to further develop my skills to become, over time, a competent project leader.


Yantao Sun

  • LGETA, Air-Conditioning Production Team

    I'm a mechanical engineer specializing in processing and a paint shop. Since I started working at LGE, I've really come to appreciate the importance of teamwork. When people work together they can achieve great things. In the future, I hope to work in the Quality Department.



  • LGETA, Vacuum cleaners sales dept

    My department helps develop new models of vacuums and determines its price. I chose LG because I knew that was the kind of company that would give me the opportunity I needed to achieve my goals. My goal is to lead my team to make it the best in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners.


Frédéric Christophe

  • LGEMF, Standard and advanced technologies group.

    I am a director of Standard and advanced technologies LGEMF. He sought the challenge of a new career and am interested success in LG due to the mobile phone market. LG thought that was one of the few manufacturers who could find the key to success in this business and come to dominate the industry as a whole.


Marek Sosnowski

  • LG Electronics Polonia, Production Group

    When I moved to Miawa, I started working on the production line of LG. Currently, I am an engineer and I find my work very satisfying. Historically, I am passionate about new technologies. LG gave me the perfect opportunity to develop my life here in Miawa.


The LG Electronics jobs are classified in different areas such as R & D, marketing, production and support. Each area provides key opportunities for development and career progression. For reference, each job category are described below.


The R & D division of LG Electronics is responsible for many key disciplines, such as advanced research, production plans, designs, standards and patents, R & D planning, among others. To ensure leadership in the field of technology, LG Electronics is progressing steadily toward its goal of becoming one of the top three worldwide.
Top jobs: R & D, design, support R & D.


Production Division of LG Electronics is responsible for the manufacture of products, planning and production management, production technology, the product quality management, purchasing, materials management and city planning and other production-related jobs. This division maintains an unparalleled leadership in global products of LG Electronics and its technological progress dedicated to LG products using its innovative tools and Redesign Tear Down and Six Sigma.
Top Jobs: Production Management, Production Engineering, Procurement and Quality Assurance.


The marketing division of LG Electronics is responsible for marketing and sales in local and overseas market planning, product planning, customer service and other jobs related to the sale of the product or service. He assured the market leader LG Electronics through separate sales and customer service strategies. Continually strives to strengthen the presence of LG Electronics in the market, both locally and abroad.
Top Jobs: Local Sales and Marketing, Sales and marketing abroad, Product Planning and Customer Service.


Support Division of LG Electronics is responsible for formulating policies and business address of the company, and to support their R & D divisions, production and marketing. It consists of the headquarters of LG Electronics, affiliated companies and various departments and teams, according to employment and location.
Top Jobs: Business Planning, Finance / Accounting, Legal, Internal Consulting, HR, PR, IT, General Affairs and Environmental / Safety.

Solicitude Process

LG Electronics implements a standard recruitment process in all its operations worldwide.

You can find small variations in the recruitment process, depending on local conditions of employment, such as the local labor market (industry average retirement age, etc..) And labor laws and regulations regarding the recruitment.

In some countries, there may be additional steps in the recruitment process, as with the management skills or attitude tests.

FAQ About Careers

Below are answers to a series of frequently asked questions about the job application process of LG Electronics.

What are some of the benefits of joining LG Electronics?
LG Electronics is a global corporation that continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Join our company offers great opportunities for personal and professional growth. In addition, as the company grows, you will be encouraged to develop and improve their own skills. Various incentives are offered according to individual performance results, which motivates employees in their jobs.
How is the recruitment process worldwide?
LG Electronics uses the same recruitment process in all its offices worldwide. Applicants should consult, first, one of our recruitment ads or look on the Web. Follow the instructions to ensure your application is received by our Human Resources Department. Once received, we will review all the application materials and decide if an interview is necessary. Depending on the country, as part of the application process, it may be necessary aptitude test or other form of assessment.
What kind of features LG Electronics are looking for someone to join their team of talented people?
LG Electronics is always looking for the "right people" to join the team. Those who have passion for their work, who are dedicated and determined, showing exceptional professionalism in everything they do. Specifically, the "right people" are those able to align their views with key philosophies and practices of LG Electronics. The kind of men and women who play a central role in the future development of the company, as it continues to reach new markets worldwide.
Which company provides support to those who actively promote self on staff?
LG Electronics provides a variety of opportunities for self-development, according to its human resources system. The company offers various internal educational courses, and online assistance, to support the self-development of its employees. Each employee must meet, according to internal rules, more than 40 hours of classes per year. Employees who excel in assessments may have the opportunity to enroll in external programs, courses of study for MBA or participation in other development opportunities.
How many people each year contract LG Electronics?
LG Electronics employs approximately 82,000 employees in all its operations worldwide. The company hired about 6,000 new employees a year, thus contributing to regional economic development of its locations worldwide.
What are the performance-based incentives?
LG Electronics offers immediate and differentiated incentives for its employees through various incentive schemes. We offer occasional incentives according to the individual employee skills and their contribution to the company, as well as an annual bonus as a reward for helping the company achieve its goals.
If I forget my password after submitting my job application, what should I do?
You can use the password confirmation function in the menu of careers to recover the password.
After I apply, how long before receiving a response from the company?
After you apply, you will typically receive a response within 30 days, although this may vary by region.
How will I know if my application was received by your company?
When you submit an online application, a message is an acknowledgment on the screen. You can also check the status of your order at any time by clicking on My status in our homepage.
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