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    [Flash] Reasons Why Your Dryer Won't Dry
    If the venting is kinked or clogged, this will reduce air flow and increase drytimes (or d80,d90,d95 Error showed up).Check for kinks, tears or clogs in vents. If kinked, straighten out the vent. Iftorn, replace. If clogged, clean out or re...
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    Camera: 360 Panorama_G6
    Camera: 360 Panorama360 Panorama allows you to capture a full 360 degree image by stitching asequence of photos together.Notes • When shooting a Panorama Photo, touch the Record icon on the Preview screento record sound at the same time. •...
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    How can I add certain channels to "bookmark list"?
    How can I add certain channels to "bookmark list"?Symptom Create channel bookmark to make it easy to change to and select channels youwant. ※ It doesn’t support set-top box channel. How to fix Before 2011 TV2012~2013 smart TV [Smart] or [Se...
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