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Smartphone NFC Setup & Usage - Android (2016)

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  • Last Updated 23/04/2017
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Smartphone NFC Setup & Usage - Android



Near field communication technology or NFC lets you make transactions, exchange digital content and connect with other NFC devices with a single tap.

To setup NFC, drag down the notification panel from the top.

Then find and tap the settings icon.

Select share and connect from the wireless networks menu.

Turn on NFC.

Read the note about protecting your date and tap ok.

Now you can use all the NFC related features.

Sharing a file with another NFC device is easy.

Select the file to share, for example an image from the gallery or a song from the music app.

Hold the two devices together back to back.

The file you selected will shrink, tap the file to transfer it.

The file will be downloaded to the other device after you separate them.


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