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We will give you LG warranty information here

LG Electronics guarantees free repair service to its products within the warranty period through its Authorized Service Centers. Each LG product has a different set of warranty conditions, so please refer to information below.

Guidance for the warranty period

Estimated standard for warranty period

LG Electronics Egypt accomplishes the product warranty according to the consumer injury compensation rule.

Estimated standard for the product

Product warranty means that LG Electronics Egypt makes a promise for the free repair warranty with the customer in case of the faulty of quality, performance and function in using the product in normal condition and environment.

The product warranty period is estimated based on the purchase date according to the official purchase invoice date.
If the customer doesn’t have the official purchase invoice, warranty period starting date will be calculated by adding 3 months to the manufacturing date shown by serial number.

The following applies that the warranty period will be Out of Warranty.

  • In case that the domestic washing machine is used for the commercial purpose.
    • - Washing Machine & Dryer : Sauna, Public bath house, laundry
    • - Refrigerator, Rice pot, Microwave Oven: Restaurant, Convenience store
  • In case that the product is used in abnormal environment like installing it in the ship and so on.
  • In case that VCR product is used in video shop, cable distributer and video room for the commercial purpose.

When the customer purchases the used item, imitation or purchased from an unauthorized dealer the warranty period is not applied and it’s impossible to repair. LG Electronics Egypt is not responsible for the compensation for the loss.

In case of the product that is provided via the special contract, the warranty will be accomplished based on the contract, specially B2B products such as Hotel TV, Signage and Central Air Conditioner.

Warranty period according to the product:

Category Warranty
General product 1Y Mobile Phone, Vacuum Cleaner, Microwave Oven , DVD, Home Theater
5Y Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Dish Washer, Dryer
Seasonal Product 5Y Residential Air Conditioner
1Y System Air Conditioner

Parts warranty period

Parts warranty period means the quality guaranteed for the parts which the products are consisted of.
General parts warranty period – Basically, its a rule to be the same as the product warranty period.
The warranty period of accessories, which are not parts, is described in warranty card for each product.
If the parts are core item, the warranty will be applied based on the special criteria.

Warranty period for the core parts

Product Type Set Warranty Period
Washing Machine Direct Drive Motor (D.D Motor) 10 years
Refrigerator Inverter Compressor
Liner Compressor
10 years

International warranty period

In case the customer purchased a product from outside Egypt and have an International
Warranty Card, LG Electronics Egypt provides repair service for products in warranty according to the warranty period of the purchased country. If the customer provided the international warranty card and purchase invoice from the Country purchased, the repair time will be according to imported parts arrival in Egypt.

In case that the imported part is not available, LG Electronics Egypt will find a way to solve the problem instead of replacing or refunding for the defected product.

Guidance for Service Repair Cost

Estimated standard Service charge for Out of Warranty

SVC cost is going to be charged to the customer based on Consumer Protection Law which is decided by Consumer Protection Agency.
Service cost consists of part cost and repair cost as below. (not including Taxes)
If the customer request visiting service, transportation expenses will be added to Service cost.

Part Cost


Repair Cost




Service Cost

Part Cost
It means the price of the part used when repairing the product.
Repair cost
It means the labor fee according to the repair level.
Transportation expenses
This price is applied when the customer requests visiting service for the Out of warranty product, regardless of product repair cost and part cost.

In-warranty service

The defect or failure occurred when using product in normal condition during warranty period.
LG Electronics Egypt will provide in-warranty service in case of the re-defected or re-failure in the same parts or same symptoms during out of warranty period within 3 months from the last defected repair date.

Out of warranty service

Items applied as out of warranty service
Warranty Period Warranty expired product
Install / Removal Re-install or requests like connecting the external device when moving the in-home device, installing or connecting after purchasing the product from internet, TV home shopping.
Product of Other Company Faulty product of other company/ interconnected device that damages our Product.
(Router, Set top, Battery Charger, Game consol, Cable/allotter, drainage pump, tempered glass, Assembled PC, S/W of other company and so on)
Expendability In case that the expendable part’s warranty is expired/ lifespan is ended.
(Battery, Filters, Ramps, Head, Remote Control, 3D Glasses, Tonner, Drum, Ink , all accessories and so on)
In case that the product is defected due to the customer use the parts that is not provided by LG or option items.
Nature disaster In case that the product is defected due to nature disasters(earthquake, damage storm, strike of lighting, overflowing sea and so on), fire, damage from sea wind, freeze and damage of gas.
Customer Carelessness In case that the product is defected from customer’s fault including software.
In case that the product is defected because the customer didn’t follow the Cautions available in the user manual.
In case that the product is defected because the customer modified or repaired the product by himself/herself and not by LG Electronics Egypt authorized service center.
In case that the product is defected due to customer’s carelessness in the areas of the circuit breaker, the socket, the multiple tap and power switch on/off, power plug in/out and so on.
In case that the customer requests the service due to water (or gas) supply interruption.
In case that the customer requests the service due to the external environment like faulty of internet service, antenna, wired signal and so on.
Others If customer requests service even though the product is not defected service cost should be charged to the customer even though the product is during In-warranty. - ex. Check whether the product is working normally or not.
Clean the filter due to the blockage of the product filter.
N.B. : LG service homepage will be helpful for customers to examine product simply or to search for self solutions.

In case of the customer purchase product from outside Egypt and International warranty period has been expired LG Electronics Egypt introduce repair out of warranty and charge the customer parts importing cost plus repair cost, in case of impossible to repair LG Electronics Egypt is not responsible for compensation. (Repair time will be according to importing parts time)

Guidance for the Installation Category

LG Electronics Egypt provides free of charge installation Service for the below product list :

Product Free installation products
Home Appliance Top Loader Washing Machine
Front Loader Washing Machine
Dish Washer
Side by Side Refrigerator
Home Entertainment Smart LED TV
Home Theater

LG Electronics Egypt provides the product installation and explanation service with charge upon customer request for other products not mentioned above.

[Recommended Labor Charge]

  • - For Residential Air Conditioner: 150 EGP + 10% tax (taxes may be changes according to the law
  • - For Other Products : 50 EGP + 10% tax (taxes may be changes according to the law)

The standard for consumer dispute resolution

Clause 1 (Purpose)

In case of dispute resolution between customers and LG Electronics Egypt, the dispute resolution must be solved according to the consumer dispute resolution under Consumer Protection Law 67 for Y2006.

Clause 2 (Request damage relief)

In case that the agreement is not reached between customers and LG Electronics Egypt, both parties can request damage relief to the Consumer Protection Agency.

Clause 3 (Item and Standard of compensation)

The standard for dispute resolution and quality warranty period described in the attached table.

Appendix. The standard for dispute resolution (Industrial product & Smartphone)

Product Free installation products Remark
1. In case of defective products due to LGE’s fault in normal usage within 14 days from purchase date. (DOA Period). Replacement or Refund as the purchase price For further information please call 19960
2. In case of defective products due to LGE’s fault in normal usage within warranty period.
1) When occurring the faulty. In Warranty Repair Service
2) When it is impossible to repair. Replacement of product
3) When it is impossible to replace. Refund as the purchase price
4) When occurring 3 times repairs with the same symptom during one year. Replacement of the product
5) When major repair is required within 14 days from the previous date of replacement. Replacement of the product or Refund as the purchase price
3. When damage occurred during Installation by LG Electronics Egypt Authorized Service Center Replacement