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Installation / Functional Issue

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  • Digital Signage, TVs
  • Last Updated 09/19/2012

Troubleshooting on Installation / Functional Issue


Detail Symtom Self-diagnosis
Question Answer
Video from USB does not work  Cannot play video when use USB?  When connecting USB, only image ("*.jpg") and music ("*.MP3") are displayed on screen, this model does not offer video function. (check the model and specification)
When connecting to PC What kind of cable do you use when connecting to PC? You need to check the type of cable (RGB + 3.5 stereo, HDMI, DVI )
No signal A phrase "No signal" appear on screen? Please check the connected cable. If there is no signal, it will display "No signal"
Button does not work A phrase "Key lock"appears on screen? Key lock function is only adjusted by remote (but, power button works)
[How to cancel setting]
Menu General Key lock Choose key lock "OFF"
Cinema 3D plus kit Which model can apply 3D TV plus kit?  Check the model first and request for plust kit. You can find out the model at detail search menu

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