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[LG webOS TV] Channel/Programme Tunning

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  • Last Updated 07/31/2015

[LG webOS TV] Channel/Programme Tunning


function Automatically Setting Up Channel/Programme


           Home  Settings advanced setting Channels/Programmes Channel/Programme Tuning

            Auto Tuning










           Automatically tunes the Channels/programmes.


           1. Select Country where the TV is used. Channel/Programme settings change depending

               on the country you choose.

           2. Initiate Auto Tuning.

           3. Set Auto Tuning following screen instructions.


           ● If Input Source is not connected properly, channel/programme registration may not work.

           ● Auto Tuning only finds channel/programmes that are currently broadcasting.

           ● If Safety is turned on, a pop-up window will appear asking for password.



how to use How to use Manual Tuning


           home  settings  advanced setting Channels/Programmes Channel/Programme Tuning

            Manual Tuning




           Adjusts channels/programmes manually and saves the results. 
           For digital broadcasting, signal strength and signal quality can be checked.

           ● You can also adjust the Frequency (kHz) and Bandwidth (MHz).


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