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I want to operate TV with the application on my smartphone.

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  • Last Updated 06/15/2016

How to control a TV with your smartphone

How to fix

Turn on TV, check wired or wireless network connection and set smart phone to be connected to the same network (AP) with TV by activating its Wi-Fi.

Run play store from smart phone, search, download and install LG TV Remote application.

※ Install “LG TV Plus” application for webOS smart TV models.

Open the application and choose TV which you want to connect from the device search page.

※ If smartphone fails to search TV or verification code doesn’t appear on the screen, please check if smartphone Wi-Fi is connected to the same network (AP) with TV.
If TV doesn’t appear on the list, despite the same network, turn off and on AP and try again after 1~2 min.

④ Verification code appears on TV, enter the code into smartphone and compete the pairing with TV.

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