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How can I lock certain channels and external input?

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  • Last Updated 06/15/2016

How can I lock certain channels and external input?


Do you want to lock a particular channel, external input, or APP of Smart TV?
You can lock a particular channel or external input through Lock feature and if you enter password in a locked channel, it will be unlocked temporarily.

For Smart TVs after 2013, you can lock or unlock a particular APP.

How to fix

Non-Smart TV

<How to set – Models before ‘11>

Menu LOCK Lock System : On

Initial password: 0000  

Block Channel : Locking channels among the ones receiving through antenna

Input Block : External input, Component, HDMI lock

<How to set for Smart TV Netcast ‘12~15>

[Home] or [Smart] of remote control [SETTINGS] [LOCK] [Lock System]

Turn on the lock system to lock.

Enter the password. ※Initial password: 0000

Block Channel: Select the channel and click lock/unlock at the bottom right corner.

Input Block: Turn on the input mode that you want to lock and set lock on.

Application Lock: Select APP to lock.

※ Only Smart TVs after 2013 have Application Lock feature.


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