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I want to use recording mode.

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  • Last Updated 07/01/2016

I want to use recording mode.


- Recording function can be performed by connecting USB device.
- Input mode supporting the recording varies depending on models, so please refer to user’s manual.

※ HDMI, component, RGB input modes are not supported.

- For some models, format USB device to use for only time machine (recording) function, and please note that all data files in USB flash disk will be deleted during formatting.
- If there is no enough space in USB flash disk or AC power is disconnected, recording is stopped.
- Some models allow you to watch another channel during the recording.

 How to fix

After 2014, webOS smart TV

- Instant recording
1. Connect USB storage to “ready” port from USB ports of TV.     
※ If there is no “ready” port, connect it to USB 3.0 port.         
Use the storage device of removable HDD type.
2. Select recording icon in bottom left corner of display by pressing “wheel” of magic motion and “OK” of general remote control.
3. Set the location of recorded file and finishing time, then select “recording” to start.

 - Scheduled recording
1. Enter into the home menu and run program schedule application.
2. Select the channel and program which you want to record and choose “scheduled recording”.
3. Select scheduled recording option program schedule and storage device and press “confirm” to finish the process.

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