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How does the ISO (sensitivity) work in camera expert mode?

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  • Last Updated 04/16/2016

The sensitivity control menu.

The screen becomes brighter if the right-side wheel moves up, or becomes darker if it moves down, after selecting the ISO button at the bottom of the photographing screen.

As ISO goes up, you can take a bright and shining picture as more light can be received.

However, there is a shortcoming that sharpness drops because the amount of noise also increases proportionately.

On the contrary, you can take a clear picture with less noise when ISO goes down, because the amount of light to receive also goes down.

It is recommended to set the ISO at 100–200 during night or in a dark room, or about 400 for general landscape when taking a picture.


ISO (sensitivity) shows the degree of sensor’s response to light in numbers like 50, 100, 200, 400, 800. Each number indicates that it responds to light two time more sensitively than the number ahead.

If the ISO button is pressed while the AE-L button is OFF, the ISO value when the button is clicked is selected.
If the ISO button is pressed while the AE-L button is ON, the ISO value that was selected before is selected.

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