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What is LG Voice?

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  • Last Updated 06/15/2016

This feature lets you conveniently access phone features by voice using a Bluetooth headset.

Press the call button and say a voice launch command.

You can make a call, have emails read out to you, and add items to your calendar.

How to use LG Voice

1.Pair a Bluetooth headset with your phone.

2.Press the call button and say a voice launch command. For example, you could say "Call" or "Any new messages?"

3.If you do not say a voice launch command within a certain amount of time, LG Voice will automatically be turned off. Press the call button at any time to restart the feature.

Features supported by LG Voice


Message: write, search, send, add to to-do list, sent call reject message

Email: write, search, send, forward, add to to-do list

Calendar: add event, edit, search, modify

Settings: view time, view battery info, turn off alarm


In 'Settings> Lock Screen> Smart Lock,' pair a reliable Bluetooth headset device. This way, you can access phone features by voice even without unlocking your phone.

LG Voice cannot be used with Bluetooth headsets that do not have call control functionality.

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