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[Washing Machine] Cleaning Agitator

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  • Last Updated 05/26/2014


Cleaning Agitator



 Although the antibacterial agitator restrains precipitation of virus, mold or bacteria in the air can be

 attached on the fur, if it's used under the following condition for a long time.

  - Installed in humid and shady area.

  - No maintenance of washing machine for a long time.

  - Excessive use of detergent or fabric softener.

How to clean drum

  - Pour bleach (lax) 54ml (50 ml or 1/3 filled of a paper cup) to detergent chamber. Then start tub sterilization

    (Run boiling course for a model without tub sterilization course. Directly pour detergent to agitator.)

  - Cleaning power of oxygenic bleach is not vey good. Use chloric  bleach.

How to sterilize tub
  - Tub sterilization course is designed to clean an agitator.
  - In order to eliminate
dirt inside agitator, always maintain agitator clean, and regularly run tub sterilization





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