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[IE] Did you check water supply tap?

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  • Last Updated 04/22/2015

[IE] Did you check water supply tap?




causes Cause


             [IE] error appears, water level in the tub does not reach the adequate level within 8 minutes.


          ■ If the water supply tap is not completely open, sufficient amount of water will not be supplied.


          ■ If water supply hose is not correctly connected to the washer, water supply is unstable as water flow is interrupted.



how to fix How to fix


          1.Check if the water supply tap is completely open.
                water tap 1
                                       <Check the water supply tap>
    2.- Check if HOT/COLD water hose are correctly connected

         (The color of the tap may not be the same as shown)

       - Ensure HOT water hose goes to the HOT water tap and COLD water hose goes to the COLD water tap.

         Make sure taps and hoses are perfectly matched and fastened fully.

                 water tap 2
                                 <Hoses connected to washer>

   3.  Once the hoses are connected to taps, completely open the tap to check if there is any water leak.

               water tap 3
                                        <Water supply tap>


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