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  • Last Updated 07/05/2016

Too Cold


Too Cold

 How to fix

Step 1. Explain all place on room is not same temperature LG recommend 37℉/0℉
in normal condition
Raise the temperature 2~3 degrees from initial setting
ex) 37℉/0℉ → 39℉/2℉ → 41℉/4℉

Step 2. Remove the food in front of air vent.
Air vent is located upper and back
→If some food located around air vent, it block the air flow and room sensor cannot satisfy enough temperature.
That means cold air continuously blows and food can be frozen

Step 3. Check the gap between the wall and the unit. Get the distance more than 2 inch
→LG recommend refrigerator unit have more than 2 inch gap between the wall and the unit. That helps compressor cools and improve efficiency.

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