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[LG Air Conditioner ThinQ] Using voice recognition


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What is a voice recognition function?

You can use the product more easily by having your voice recognized without a remote controller.
Before you can use the voice recognition function, you need to connect LG ThinQ and register the product.

※ Applied level of technologies for the voice recognition function varies depending on the year of release.

Using voice recognition [wall mounted air conditioner]

1. Press the setting button on the wireless remote controller for about 3 seconds to run the voice recognition.
As soon as the voice message is heard, it is displayed on the display unit.

2. Say [Hi LG] to enter the preparation mode as soon as you see the screen switching.

3. Say the product command in the preparation mode.
Once the spoken command is inputted, the bar at the bottom of display is changed.

the product operating with voice recognition
It is usable only if the voice volume is above 20%.

Whether it is possible to use the voice recognition function

Whether it is possible to use the voice recognition function
Voice volume Voice recognition function/th>
18 year 19∼

20% or higher




Prohibited use

Prohibited use

In case of 20% reset


Prohibited use [Requires resetting]

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※ The mic is located inside the voice sensor on the right side of the product.

showing location of dust sensor and voice recognition sensor

Voice recognition command

These are the main commands for using the voice recognition function.
Say [Hi LG] and speak as follows.
Depending on the user’s speech volume/tone/accent/environment of use, the voice recognition rate will vary.
For smooth voice recognition, speak louder than the background noises. [At least 10dB louder than the background sound]

➔ Main commands

Main commands
Main commands Main commands

Start operation

Air conditioner on

Air conditioner start

Stop operation

Air conditioner off

Air conditioner stop

Temperature up

Air conditioner temperature up

Raise air conditioner temperature

Temperature down

Air conditioner temperature down

Lower air conditioner temperature

Temperature setting

Set air conditioner temperature to19 degrees

To minimum air conditioner temperature

Wind volume setting

Air conditioner wind volume weak

Strong air conditioner wind

Cooling operation

Air conditioner cooling

Air conditioner cooling mode

Dehumidification operation

Air conditioner dehumidification

Air conditioner dehumidification mode

Power saving setting

Run air conditioner power saving

Stop air condition power saving

Check operational status

Air conditioner monitoring

What is up, air conditioner?

Cool power

Start air conditioner cool power

Stop air conditioner cool power

Check air condition

AC air condition

Fine dust of air conditioner

Air cleaning

Start air conditioner air purification

Stop air conditioner air purification

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