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The Laundry Tub smells._ Front Loader

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  • Last Updated 29/06/2016

The Laundry Tub smells.


After Washing Machine was used, it was not dried and thus, it smelled.


1.After the Wash, if the Laundry Tub or the detergent container is left wet for a long time, it might smell.

2.New models do not have magnets to keep the door open unlike the existing ones.

 How to fix

1.After the laundry is complete, if the door and the detergent container are left open, it can prevent smelling.

2.If you want to dry the Laundry Tub, leave the door open a little bit.

3.This Model does not have the fixed magnet on the door that was applied to other models. Instead, if you leave the door open, it was designed to keep the proper angle for dry automatically.

4.If you want to dry the detergent container, you can push the front part of the handle of the slide door and leave it open. 

5.If you wipe out the rubber area connected to the Laundry Tub and the moisture on the glass inside the door with the cloth, you can prevent the smell more effectively.

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