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Are Power button and Operation button not pressed well?_ Front Loader

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  • Last Updated 29/06/2016

Are Power button and Operation button not pressed well?


Buttons not working


1.This model is designed in a way that the Power button and the Operation button are supposed to be pressed for 1 second for operation.

2.It is to prevent customers from unintentionally touching and running it, considering the characteristics of the touch button.

 How to fix

1.If you press the button for 1 second, it will work normally.

2.Due to the characteristics of the touch button, even grazing it can be perceived as pressing the button. To stop such inconvenience, it was designed that the Power and Operation buttons start to work after being pressed for 1 second.

※ This applies only to Power & Operation Buttons. (Course & option buttons are not applicable.)

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