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Does it smell of mildew in the Laundry Tub of the Mini Washing Machine?_ Top Loader

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  • Last Updated 29/06/2016

Does it smell of mildew in the Laundry Tub of the Mini Washing Machine?


When the Laundry Tub smells of mildew


1. When detergent was excessively used

2. After the Laundry was complete, if the clothes was stored too long in the Laundry Tub

3. When the door was closed for a long time

4. When the Laundry Tub needs cleaning

 How to fix

1.Mini Washing Machine allows the effective Laundry of children’s clothes requiring multiple washes a day, underwear that needs to be washed right away and dishcloth that needs to be boiled with small energy and water.

Because it uses less water, it is recommended to use the designated amount of the detergent.

Use the detergent exclusively for drum and the detergent cup provided with the proper amount. 

If more than proper amount is used, the detergent not dissolved is accumulated in  the Washing Machine and it can cause smell. 

*CIC Reference : Depending on the type of detergent, the way to input it varies.    

2. If Laundry is left in the Laundry Tub for a long time, it might smell. 

After the Laundry  is complete, remove the laundry right away and wipe moistures inside the Laundry Tub, around the rubber seal, and inside the glass door with the dry cloth.

It is good to remove moistures and dry the laundry tub naturally by leaving the door completely open.

3. In the following cases, clean the Tub.

1) Because the door was not open for a long time, when it smells of mildew

2) After the 30 times of the use, on the 31st time, when            is flickering on the display showing the remaining time,

If the recommended detergent is used for cleaning of the tub, you can maintain the Laundry Tub always clean and neat.

(If you use it once a month, it will be the most effective.)  

*Before cleaning the Tub, check if there is laundry in the Laundry Tub or not.

1.Press the Power button.

2.Press the Right Cycle Selector button 2 times.

3.Press the START/Pause button.

In 10 seconds after the complete buzzer rings, the Power is turned off automatically.

※ For doing the clean laundry, after the laundry is complete, wipe the door of the Washing Machine, the rubber seal and inside the Laundry Tub with the dry cloth.    

※ When the oxygen-based bleach (Oxy Clean) is used, the Laundry Tub might be discolored.


Dilute the Laundry Tub Cleaner from  liquid chlorine bleach (1/4 cups) with water and use it.

During the sterilization of the tub, never put the laundry and the detergent at all. It damages the fabric and causes discoloration.

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