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Did you have the UE Error?_ Top Loader

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  • Last Updated 29/06/2016

Did you have the UE Error?


When UE Error appeared


When the laundry is to be gathered on one side

1. When the weight is given on one side due to the sole wash of dolls or knit clothes 

2.When the laundry is to be gathered

3.When the product is tilted

 How to fix

1.Spread out the laundry and proceed the wash. 

2.Because dolls tend to lean on one side, it might not spin. Knit clothes should be spread out evenly for proceeding. 

3.Press the Pause to spread out the laundry evenly and restart it.

4.Install the product on the firm and even floor and check if it is in the horizontal state and it is not shaken or not.

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