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The touch of the Display panel does not work well. _ Top Loader

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  • Last Updated 29/06/2016

The touch of the Display panel does not work well.


When the touch of the button is not working properly


1.If you touch the button fast and continuously, to process its recognition, the response speed can be different.

2.If you press the Power and press other button, it might not be well recognized.

 How to fix

1. When touching the button for the recognition of the course by the Washing Machine, there might be a difference from other devices.  èThe touch of the Washing Machine might be different from the that of hand phone or tablet PC in terms of its sensitivity due to the structural difference of the recognition.  
The product can be considered as normal.

2. Because of the full touch method of the Washing Machine, after the Power is turned off and some time has passed, the standby power is reduced and the minimum power is applied. Therefore, the touch of other buttons than the Power button can be slowly recognized. 
èAfter applying the Power, touch the button and it will run normally.

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