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I want to know when to input the fabric softener._ Top Loader

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  • Last Updated 29/06/2016

I want to know when to input the fabric softener


Inquiry about when to input the fabric softener


Since it is a small-capacity Washing Machine, it does not have a separate inlet for detergent and fabric softener.

 How to fix

When the laundry is complete, the Washing Machine will send the alarm sound.

At that time, you can input the fabric softener inside the Washing Machine.

※ The alarm for the fabric softener goes off in 15 ~ 20 minutes after the completion of the wash.

It will be good to check the laundry time and put it in.

※ While the water keeps being supplied, the alarm for fabric softener goes off.

[How to put the fabric softener]

1. When the Machine make the sound, press the button of Operation/Pause and stop the operation of the Machine.

2. By opening the drawer, check that the lock of the Washing Machine Door is cancelled and then, open the door of the Washing Machine and put the fabric softener.

3. After closing the door of the Washing Machine and the drawer, press the button of Operation/Pause, the machine runs again.

How to use Fabric Softener

-Fabric softener should be put into the Laundry Tub right before the final Rinse.
-Put the fabric softener in the amount recommended by the manufacturer.
-Before the final Rinse, with the ‘ttiring – ttiring’ sound, it lets you know the time to put the fabric softener.
-Fabric softener can be input for 3 minutes after the alarm.
-If you miss the time to input the fabric softener, put the fabric softener and rinse it one more time by using the Rinse+ Spin Course.

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