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I want to know how to use the Detergent cup._ Top Loader

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  • Last Updated 29/06/2016

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How to use the detergent cup included as an accessory

 How to fix

1. If the detergent is overused, it is not good for the washing of clothes. Therefore, to suggest the proper amount of the detergent, we recommend that customers use the Detergent Cup.

2. How to use the Detergent cup

After separating powder detergent from liquid detergent, put one in the front area of the Detergent Cup and swirl the Detergent Cup inside the Tub.

3. How to manage the Detergent Cup
fter the wash, take it out and shake it off the water and dry it in the shade.
When foreign substances are smeared, wash it and dry it.

4. How to purchase the Detergent Cup
   -. It can be purchased from LG Electronics Best Shop nearby.

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