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[V10] How can you turn on/off the screen with knock on or knock code?

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  • Last Updated 03/12/2015

How can you turn on/off the screen with knock on or knock code?


     Gain quick, secure access to the home screen by tapping your personalized 3 to 8 point pattern
     anywhere on the display. There are 86,358 possible code combinations.  Additionally tap screen 
     twice to turn screen on / off. Lock setting function recognized by fingerprint is not 
     supported while Knock Code is enabled.

 How to setup Knock Code

     Tap a secure 3 to 8 point code based on a 4 quadrant pattern.
     1. From the home screen, select Apps ▶ Settings ▶ Display tab (if applicable) 
         ▶ Lock screen ▶ Select screen lock.
     2. Select Knock Code.  Follow the prompts to finish setup, a backup security option is required.


 How to Use

     With the screen off, tap your secure knock code to turn on the screen and unlock the phone.  
     To simply wake the device, tap the screen twice. To turn off display, tap an empty space or 
     the status bar at the top of the display.


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