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Picture Mode - Advanced Control

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  • Last Updated 17/04/2014

Picture Mode - Advanced Control

Fine tuning adjustments to screen color and contrast are made from the Advanced Control menu. You can calibrate the screen for each picture mode or adjust picture settings for a special screen. To revert back to the original default screen settings, select Picture Reset.


Press the SMART button on the remote control and select Settings > PICTURE.



Select Advanced Control.




Adjust the advanced screen settings.


  • Dynamic Contrast - Adjusts the contrast to the optimal level according to the
    brightness of the image.
  • Dynamic Color - Adjusts colors for more natural-looking colors.
  • Preferred Color
    Skin Color : Skin color spectrum can be separately set to implement the skin color as defined by the user.
    Grass Color : Natural color spectrum (meadows, hills, etc.) can be separately set.
    Sky Color : Sky color is set separately.
    Note: Depending on model, the Preferred Color. option may not be available.
  • Super Resolution - Provides a crystal-clear picture by improving the details in areas where the picture is blurry or unclear.
  • Gamma - Sets the gradation curve according to the output of the picture signal in relation to the input signal.



Select Close when finished.



Further options may be available depending on the model.


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