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We will give you LG warranty information here

LG Electronics guarantees free repair service to its products within the warranty period through its Authorized Service Centers. Each LG product has a different set of warranty conditions, so please refer to information below.

Guidance for SVC Repair Cost

Estimated Standard for SVC Charge

SVC Cost Is made up part cost and repair cost like the below. (if the customer request visiting service, travel expense will be added to SVC cost.)

Part cost


Repair cost


SVC Cost

Part cost
Part cost means the price of the part used when repairing the product.
Repair cost
Repair cost means the engineering fee according to the repair level.
Travel expense
This price is applied to the case when the customer request visiting service for the Out of warranty product regardless of product repair.

Warranty Terms

  • - LG Electronics Service Department guarantees against any manufacturing defect for a period of warranty coverage.
  • - Warranty Service only applies ​​in Authorized Service Centers.
  • - Warranty Service only applies if the customer provides purchase invoice.
  • - The product must be acquired as new product but not as auction, resale, liquidation, etc
  • - Installation of all products that require it has to be done by qualified personnel and approved by LG.
  • - The product, when sold, shall have no more than 18 months of warehousing. Because LG only offers 18 months warranty to store unsold products (stock). The store will assume the warranty of warehousing timeout. (Over 18 months). In case of excess product storage, (6 months or more) LG doesn’t accept changes of DOA units (defective in box). Warehousing products should have its box and accessories must be new.
  • - Home delivery will occur in cities where there are Authorized Service Centers, and paved roads that allow access to the site where the product is.
  • - Special Warranty or Extended Warranties for certain parts of products (compressor, motor DD, Module LCD / PDP CD tray and control panel) does not include labor, only parts. The CD assembly includes the optical lens.
  • - Customer must present proof of purchase to validate warranty. (Purchase invoice).  The data that appears on the invoice must match the customer and product data that is reported in the system.

Out of warranty service

Out of warranty service is refer to below information.

Items Applied as Out of Warranty Service

Warranty Period

- Warranty expired product

Install / Removal

- Re-install or requests like connecting the external device when moving the in-home device, installing or connecting after purchasing the product from internet, home shopping.

Product of Different company

- Faulty product of other company/ interconnected device except for the product that the customer request.
(Router, Settop, Game consol, Cable/alloter, drainage pump, tempered glass, Assembled PC, S/W of other company and so forth)

  • - In case that the expendable part’s warranty is expired/ lifespan is ended.
    (Battery, Filters, Ramps, Head, Tonner, Drum, Ink and so forth)
  • - In case that the product is defect due to the customer use the part that is not provided by LG or option items.
Nature disaster

- In case that the product is defect due to nature disaster(Earthquake, Damage storm, strike of lighting, overflowing sea and so forth), fire, damage from sea wind, freeze, damage of gas.

Customer Carelessness
  • - In case that the product is defect from customer’s fault(Including software)
  • - In case that the product is defect due to the customer don’t keep the caution of user manual.
  • - In case that the product is defect due to the customer make a rooting, modification by himself not by LG authorized service center.
  • - In case that the product is defect due to customer carelessness without any confirmation in advance like the faulty of circuit breaker, socket, multiple tap and mis-power on, plug in error and so forth.
  • - In case that the customer request the service due to cut off the water, stop the water/ gas and so forth.
  • - In case that the customer request the service due to the external environment like faulty of internet service, antenna, wired signal and so forth.

- It’s just customer’s request even though the product is not defect (It’ll be charged to the customer even though the product is in In-warranty.)
ex) Check whether the product is normal or abnormal.
Cleaning filter due to the blockage of the product filter and so forth.

※ It’ll be helpful if the customer check the LG service homepage for examining product simply or seeking the trouble shooting.

Guidance for Warranty Period

Estimated Standard for the Product

  • - Product warranty means that the manufacture or seller make a promise for the free repair warranty with the customer in case of the faulty of quality, performance and function in using the product normally.
  • - The product warranty period is estimated based on the purchase date and the confirmation for purchase date is calculated via product warranty card.

Warranty Period According to the Product

Air Conditionair Window / Portable 1 Year (3 Year compressor) **
Split / Art Cool 3 Years (5 Years compressor) **
Aire Comercial 1 Year (3 Year compressor) **
Refrigerator Refrigerator 1 Year
Top Mount 1 Year (10 Years compressor) **
SxS & Lineal Compressor 3 Years (10 Years compressor) **
Washing Machine Semi Auto 1 Year
Automática 1 Year (3 Years in Control Panel) **
AUTO DD 1 Year (3 Years in Control panel and 10 Years in Motor DD) **
TROMM Front Loader 3 Years (10 Years in Motor DD) **
Dishwasher 1 Year (3 Year in Control panel and 10 Years in Motor DD) **
Dryer 1 Year (3 Years in Control Panel) **
Microwave Conventional 1 Year
Solar Dom 1 Year (10 Years in Carbon Filament) **
Stove Electric Stove and Gas 1 Year
Vaccum cleaner Conventional 1 Year
Compressor 1 Year (10 Years in Motor) **
TV CTV & Flat TV 1 Year
(31” & Down)
1 Year
(32” & Up)
2 Years
PLASMA 2 Years
Projector 1 Year
Laser TV (HECTO) 2 Years
Monitor CDT 1 Year
Audio Micro 1 Year
Mini 1 Year
Home Theater 1 Year
MP3 1 Year
Car Audio 1 Year

** Additional warranty (compressors, DD motors, CD modules) covers only the spare part. Diagnosis, labor, transportation and other materials are not included in the additional warranty.

A/C Warranty Period

The warranty period is valid only if the products are installed by an LG Authorized Installer Center.