Pro: Centric Smart TVs

Discover the LG Pro: Centric Smart TV, designed for easy customisation and remote diagnostics.

Pro : Centric Smart

Pro: Centric V TVs

Take the in-room experience to another level with the LG Pro: Centric V TV, boasting customisable features combined with powerful performance.

Pro : Centric V

Commercial Lite TVs

With USB cloning and an anti-theft system, Commercial Lite displays from LG effectively reach your consumer while making life easier.

Commercial Lite TVs
  • Pro : Centric Smart
  • Pro : Centric V
  • Commercial Lite TVs

Commercial TVs

Take your company to the next level with our wide range of stylish and functional LG commercial TVs packed with all the bells and whistles. Browse LG’s innovative industrial TVs and discover business solutions that have you covered.   Learn More
Available in a range of sizes, our commercial televisions offer deep, rich colours and crystal-clear images for optimal viewing in a wide array of settings, including hotels, restaurants, salons and offices.

LG offers high quality business solutions for hotels, restaurants, offices, shops and more. Choose from a range of commercial TVs and discover corporate solutions designed to make life good.

Tools and Apps

The following additional resources on LG Commercial Display can help you learn more about our innovative lineup.

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