LG MULTI V S is a compact yet powerful VRF solution for residences and small offices that provides high performance with reduced operating costs. Discover the compact, powerful, MULTI V S.
* Small capacity range securing 4, 5 and 6 HP
  • multi-v-s_05_Dual-Sensing-Control_PC multi-v-s_05_Dual-Sensing-Control_Mobile

    Dual Sensing Control

    Dual Sensing Control senses both humidity and temperature for economical and comfortable operation. On summer days with high humidity, colder air is discharged for quick latent heat elimination. And on dry summer days when humidity is low, milder air is discharged in order to make the room less dry.
* Required Accessory: PWFMDD200 (LG Wi-Fi modem)
  • MULTI-V-S_07-1_Simple-Monitoring-via-LG-MV_PC MULTI-V-S_07-1_Simple-Monitoring-via-LG-MV_Mobile

    Simple Monitoring via LG MV

    LG MV(Monitoring View) allows engineers to easily inspect and monitor the air conditioning unit.
  • MULTI-V-S_07-2_Interlocks-with-Home-Network-System_PC MULTI-V-S_07-2_Interlocks-with-Home-Network-System_Mobile

    Interlocks with Home Network System

    The expandable control system can be interlocked with third-party devices such as sensors and facilities of the building, as well as air conditioners. It makes building management smart by setting up logic optimized for the site.