Multi Split

A LG Multi Split Air Conditioning System can heat or cool multiple areas with a single outdoor unit supporting up to 5 indoor units.

What is Multi Split?

Multi Split System

Each indoor unit in a Multi Split system can be controlled independently, allowing you to customize cooling and heating in different rooms.

Key Features

* Please note that a WiFi modem may be necessary, depending on your location.

Product Lineup

* Product lineup can be varied by each country.


How many indoor units can be connected to a Multi Split system?
In the case of the Multi Piping Type, a single outdoor unit can support up to five indoor units. To install more than nine indoor units, find a dealer servicing your area for assistance.
Can each indoor unit be independently controlled?
Yes, the independent control of each indoor is a distinctive feature of a Multi Split system. Customize comfort in every room to your desired level of perfection and have it done effortlessly using the LG ThinQ app.
How do Single Split and Multi Split systems differ?
Single Split systems have a 1-to-1 configuration where one outdoor unit is connected to one indoor unit whereas Multi Split systems operate with one outdoor unit serving multiple indoor units.
Can I install the outdoor unit of a Multi Split System in small spaces?
Yes, Multi Split System outdoor units fit ideally in restricted outdoor spaces like apartment balconies, condominiums, or mansions. If you are unsure about the space requirement, please find a dealer in your area or inquire with us about the purchase so our experts can assist you in finding the ideal solution for your space.

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