LG MULTI V 5 is an integrated solution that combines advanced technologies suitable for high rise buildings. It provides energy efficiency while minimising operational costs and its Dual Sensing Control senses humidity & temperature.
  • MULTI-V-5_04_01_Smart-Load-Control_16112017_D_1510816275959

    Smart Load Control

    Smart load control manages cooling load by sensing both temperature and humidity to increase energy efficiency.

  • MULTI-V-5_04_02_Comfort-Cooling_16112017_D_1510816269346

    Comfort Cooling

    Comfort cooling helps maintain operation at mild cooling mode without stopping in between operations.

  • MULTI-V-5_04_03_Enhanced-Heating-Operation_16112017_D_1510816264180

    Enhanced Heating

    Increased heating hour with delay in frosting of heat exchanger due to precise dew point prediction.

  • MULTI-V-5_06_01_Enhanced-Bearing-with-PEEK-Material_16112017_D_1510816441560

    Enhanced Bearing with PEEK Material

    Enhanced bearing with PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) material increases durability and reliability of compressor via lubricative bearing material and refined shape.

  • MULTI-V-5_06_02_Vapor-Injection_16112017_D_1510816446352

    Vapor Injection

    Two-stage compression effect provides efficient heating operation in low temperature conditions.

  • MULTI-V-5_06_03_Smart-Oil-Management_16112017_D_1510816617418

    Smart Oil Management

    Oil sensor runs oil recovery operation only if necessary to increase compressor efficiency. It also balances and manages oil level in both compressors.

  • MULTI-V-5_06_04_HiPOR_16112017_D_1510816626291


    HiPOR™ (High Pressure Oil Return) helps minimise energy loss with direct oil return.