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Window Wall Air Conditioners

Create a space that’s comfortable year round. With a window wall air conditioner from LG, keeping your shop, café or office at the perfect temperature is simple.   Learn More

Discover the features and benefits of LG window wall air conditioners:

4-Way Air Deflection: With adjustable front louvers, our window wall air conditioning units allow you to easily direct airflow horizontally and vertically, providing cool breezes where you need them most.

Slide-Out Chassis: LG window wall air conditioners feature convenient slide-out chassis that allow the units to be easily serviced without removing them from their mounts.

Grooved Copper Tubing: By exposing more of the inner tube surface to the refrigerant, our innovative design maximises the units’ efficiency when cooling and/or heating.

Allergy Reduction Filter: In order to create a healthier environment, our window wall air conditioning units include an allergy reduction filter, which uses an enzyme that helps break down allergens when the air passes through it.

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