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ROBOKING SQUARE. Quietly and efficiently at work

With its square shape design, longer brushes and LG's unique Dual Eye 2.0 system, ROBOKING SQUARE gets even closer to corners and makes your cleaning more convenient.

Discover Roboking Square

Robot Vacuums

Clean your floors without lifting a finger. Featuring advanced technology, the LG Roboking robot vacuum uses onboard cameras to analyse your home, map its path and efficiently clean your space. Learn More

Designed for faster, simpler cleaning, LG Roboking robot vacuums offer a wide range of innovative features that allow you to save time and money, such as:

Dual Eye Mapping. Using two onboard cameras, Roboking can calculate your home’s space with astounding efficiency. (VR5902LVM model only)

Onboard Intelligence. LG’s robotic vacuums respond to remote control commands and will even dock themselves when it’s time to charge their batteries.

Ultra-quiet Design. To make our robot vacuums as unobtrusive as possible the LG Roboking uses noise-reducing technology that allows it to operate at just 60 decibels – making it easy to watch TV or talk on the phone even while vacuuming your floors.

Sleek & Slim. Roboking can easily clean under beds, tables, chairs, sofas and more.

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