Constantly challenging
innovative technology

Usually a technologist is considered to be over-occupied people of isolation. Dr. Skott Ahn, CTO of LG Electronics, is quite the opposite of this image. His innovative and challenge-oriented personality makes him a trendsetter, if anything else. His influence reaches beyond his own field, touching the boundaries of design and fashion as well. A man of action, never fearful of the unknown, and always taking on new challenges, he's the kind of man who knows how to enjoy a trip while quietly contemplating about life.

Philosophy on Technology

"The responsibility of technology lies in creating value for consumers." says Ahn. He believes that technology should assist mankind in leading the kind of life they value by identifying consumer's unmet needs and those that already exist. And the only way to achieve this is through constant research and development in efforts to observe consumer behavior. One of his wildly successful projects, the Shine phone, had been launched through this process. "I like taking the subway home because it gives me the chance to observe how people interact with other people and objects. One day I noticed a girl who was constantly looking in her handheld mirror. That's when the thought hit me, what if you combined a mobile phone and a compact mirror? That's how Shine was made, by creating a simple shiny LCD screen on the mobile phone."

Dr. Skott Ahn at the "Hall of Innovation(wall of all LG patents)" at LG Electronics Seocho R&D Campus