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American Style Fridge Freezers

Get ready for big space and cool innovations. Our A+ energy rated American style fridge freezers boast features like water and ice dispensers, super-large capacities and a range of unique features to keep your food fresh. Learn More

Find an American style side by side fridge freezer with all the latest features, including:

Linear Compressor: LG’s Linear Compressor, which is available on our American style fridges, is a quiet and efficient compressor. Its unique direct transmission mechanism minimises mechanical loss thus saving energy, increasing durability and making less noise. It enables energy savings of 45% more than A-rated models, so you can support the environment and make a saving on energy bills to boot! It also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Plumbing free: Find LG American style fridge freezers with self-sufficient plumbing systems. Not only can you install your fridge anywhere with a plug socket, but there are no unsightly hoses for plumbing connections and no need to replace the filer.

Purifying & Deoderising: Find an American style fridge freezer that has a built in 4-step air purifier designed to further enhance the freshness of your food. It contains one of nature's anti-bacterial agents, specially extracted from kimchi lactobacillus, designed to kill odours and 99.9% of bacteria that lives in most fridges, helping to prevent food poisoning and the spread of viral infections.

V-Fresh: Vegetables are kept fresher for longer thanks to V-Fresh technology available on our side by side fridge freezers. Air is sucked out of the compartment to improve freshness.

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