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From Cinema 3D glasses to our Magic Remote Control, LG’s range of convenient television accessories is there to optimize your viewing experience.

See All TV Accessories

TV Accessories

Take control of your home entertainment experience with television accessories from LG. From Cinema 3D glasses to our Magic Motion remote, LG has a range of TV accessories designed to maximise your viewing experience.  Learn More

Choose from an array of LG TV accessories, including:

The LG Smart TV Camera: Compatible with 2012 LG Smart TVs, this camera lets you connect with friends and loved ones around the globe for free with Skype, all from the comfort of your living room.

The Magic Motion Remote Controls: These television accessories provide the easiest control over your entertainment. Just point, click, scroll and control without the hassle of using multiple buttons and arrow keys.

3D Glasses: Enjoy the magic of 3D with these TV accessories, designed specifically for LG 3D Plasma TVs.

Wi-Fi USB adapter: Offers instant wireless access to the LG Smart TV platform, which allows you to watch the best of the internet with the big screen experience. You can watch the last 7 days TV and radio with BBC iPlayer, videos from YouTube, movies on demand and more.

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