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9.1channel Immersive Sound

9.1 Channel Immersive Sound adds vertical
surround speakers to your typical 5.1 channel
home theater system so you are enveloped in
sound from almost every angle.

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Blu Ray Home Theatre Systems

Bring the ultimate digital entertainment experience to your house with an LG Blu-ray home theatre system. Using the most advanced digital sound and video technology available, LG delivers home theatre systems with cinema-theatre quality sounds and crystal-clear images. Learn More

Discover some of the amazing features available on LG Blu-ray home theatre systems:

Blu-ray: With the reigning high-definition DVD format based on blue laser technology and sophisticated compression for ultimate storage capacity, Blu-ray home theatre systems offer an enhanced entertainment experience.

iPod® and iPhone® compatibility: Plug in and rock out, tap into the tunes you love most with a home theatre system that support iPod® and iPhone® products.

AM/FM tuner: Tune in to your favorite radio stations right from your LG home theatre system and enjoy music, talk, news, sports and more.

Upscale Standard DVDs: This feature allows you to watch standard DVDs in near 1080p resolution.
LG Sound Gallery: Available with select Blu-ray home theatres, this option includes a professional digital sound processor for true cinema-quality sound.

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