LG Water heaters are a sustainable technology that provides heating and hot water. Offering a wide range of functionalities and powerful features, our water heaters bring efficiently heating technology to your business. Explore the features and uses below.

What is a Heat Pump
Water Heater?

With an increasing emphasis on eco-conscious energy solutions, the LG heat pump obtains 75% of its energy from outside air. This renewable energy source converts low temperature to high temperature using two heat exchangers, a condenser and an evaporator.
What is a Heat Pump Water Heater? What is a Heat Pump Water Heater?

Excellent Efficiency

LG’s new Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater allows for an impressive energy savings of over 70% compared to a conventional electric heater due to the highly efficient DUAL Inverter Compressor.
Excellent Efficiency Excellent Efficiency
*Based on LG internal simulation data on daily electricity consumption under EUt average climate condition. annual electricity consumption is 74% lower when using LG Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater 270L capacity model than when using a general electric water heater (C class).
*Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 270L capacity model reaches 3.85 (Energy label A++) and COP of 200L capacity model reaches 3.60 (Energy label A +).
*In turbo mode for a 30% faster heating time for first-use water than auto mode operation.
*Turbo mode is based on Dual inverter Max Hz operation with heater logic optimization. The test was carried out internally based on US FHR Standard Test.

Stylish Design

LG's exclusive square design and luxury silver color make it an excellent design for the interior.
Stylish Design Stylish Design

Smart Control

With the LG ThinQ smartphone app, users can easily control and monitor the heat pump, checking for current water temperatures, setting operating schedules and more.
Smart Control Smart Control
  • Heat Pump

    Heat Pump

    Heating water with the heat pump function

  • Auto


    Automatically controls the heat pump and heating functions for optimal performance

  • Turbo


    Boosting heat function to quickly heat water

  • Vacation


    Minimizing the energy loss while heat function is not in use

Various Installation Place

With premium and luxurious design, LG’s new Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater is suitable to be installed in garage, kitchen, laundry room, bathroom and any other spaces in your place.
Various Installation Place Various Installation Place

Extreme Durability

10-Year Warranty

10-Year Warranty

Users can rest easy with a 10-year warranty on the device’s core parts: the water tank and the compressor. TUV Rheinland certifies the 10-year durability of the DUAL Inverter Compressor while the water tank’s ceramic coating provides 10 years of corrosion resistance based on the Germany Ceramic Standard DIN 4753.
Easy installation and maintenance

Easy installation and maintenance

The machine’s one-direction inlet and outlet piping and easy-to-connect wires in the junction box allow for quick and easy installation. Furthermore, the LG ThinQ app provides Service Alarm and Self Diagnosis programs for convenience maintenance.

Water Heater Line Up

Water Heater Line Up Water Heater Line Up
*The energy efficiency was tested in a non-heated space at 15°C according to EN16147 with a load profile L.