• What does it take to stay ahead? Staying ahead in a complex industry like HVAC requires a drive and philosophy that provides the resources your partners need to succeed. How is LG staying ahead? Staying ahead of the game has long been a top priority for LG. Whether it’s providing top-notch products and services, developing technology to meet customer needs or doing its part create a healthy and productive environment, LG strives to go beyond merely what is expected and deliver. Without even knowing, LG customers have had thousands of system errors prevented, thousands of working hours reduced and millions of dollars saved.

The new tagline of LG HVAC. The new tagline of LG HVAC.
  • As a global leader in HVAC solutions and technology, LG will implement a philosophy with the tagline ‘Ahead of the Expected’, focusing on integration, expertise and commitment. Integration with solutions such as ThinQ, offer connectivity, streamlined operation and real-time data. The LG expertise network, offering resources that include the LG Partner Portal, allows customers with convenient access to experts who excel in their fields. LG’s commitment to customers with programs such as the Preventive Maintenance program that show that LG are committed to being a trusted partner at all stages of each project. LG is staying ‘Ahead of the Expected’ and provide the guidance and support to ensure its customers succeed. In this series, we’ll explore what products and services LG has prepared to stay ahead.

  • A man looking in to a screen. A man looking in to a screen.
  • Comprehensive Integration for Seamless Workflow

    Seamless integration is key to the success and performance of any system. This is why LG is focusing on delivering solutions with flawless integration capabilities that ensure systems work together at peak performance. Integrated solutions not only make operation more convenient; they reduce total cost of ownership, improve efficiency and create an overall user experience that saves time and money. From initial installation to operation and maintenance, LG integration reduces overall costs to customers while curtailing the time and effort it takes in each process along the way. When all solutions are seamlessly working together, customers can monitor each component and access more comprehensive control of the overall system.

  • Man working with a laptop. Man working with a laptop.
  • Unmatched Expertise Gives Customers an Edge

    When it comes to being a leader in the HVAC space, LG considers creating a network of expertise and market know-how to be key to the success of its customers. With engineers and developers who are thought leaders in their field, LG is able to bring their expertise to customers with comprehensive training and resources. As the HVAC industry and business environment continues to change rapidly, energy efficiency and sustainability are essential to the success of LG customers. LG doesn’t stop at delivering more efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions. It offers customers access to resource and direct guidance to help customers find the right solutions and properly maintain those solutions throughout their lifetime.

  • Glance at three people looking into something. Glance at three people looking into something.
  • Unwavering Commitment for Long-Term Success

    LG views its customers as partners and remains committed to providing dedicated support. As trusted partners, LG works with customers before and after sales, from system design to implementation and maintenance. With long-term goals in mind, LG customers have the advantage of working with a long-term partner that will stick with them for years to come. LG looks ahead to catch issues before they occur and provide preventative maintenance with comprehensive system monitoring and cutting-edge service. LG’s relationship with customers goes well beyond the point of sale so that customer needs are met and products operate at optimal performance.  

    Whether it’s smooth-running integrated solutions, industry leading expertise or commitment to trusted partners, LG is going further to ensure customer success. Through this ‘Ahead of the Expected’ initiative, LG will be doing even more to provide for customers while helping to create a better environment for partners and the planet. Look out for the next installment in this series later this year!

*Products and solutions may vary according to country and operating conditions.
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