DUAL Vane Cassette

LG Dual Vane Cassette delivers a wider airflow by using two individual vanes. No matter where it's installed, you can customize the airflow with fine angle control.
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Why DUAL Vane?

  • Covers Wider Spaces

  • Reaches Even Farther

  • More Diverse Airflow

Customized Wind

No matter where you install, LG DUAL Vane provides optimal airflow

Management by LG ThinQ™

DUAL Vane cassette can be monitored and controlled via mobile devices to conserve energy and ensure better air quality
Management by LG ThinQ™1 Management by LG ThinQ™2

Smart Sensor

  • Floor Temperature

    Ensure powerful airflow until the desired temperature is reached even on the floor
    *Floor Temperature Sensor can be purchased as an option

  • Human Detection

    By detecting the location of people, the Human Detection funtion adjusts airflowand turns off automatically when the space is not occupied.
    *Human Detection Sensor can be purchased as an option

The New Cassette with Air Purification

LG Cassette type indoor unit is equipped with the air purification function. It offers a solution to the problem of ultrafine dust that harms our bodies. This is the CAC*-certified, high-performance product that delivers clean, cool air to your large space.
The New Cassette with Air Purification1 The New Cassette with Air Purification2
*Certification Air Conditioner, the Korea Air Cleaning Association strictly tests the air cleaning function of air conditioner products and certifies reliable products.
*The Air Purification Kit can be purchased as an option.
*Compare with previous 4 way cassette model