A technician taking care of Multi V products. A technician taking care of Multi V products.
  • LG is known for developing and manufacturing some of the most cutting-edge HVAC solutions on the market. But LG goes beyond simply providing customers with innovative solutions. Once a customer has purchased and installed an LG HVAC solution, LG considers themselves a partner committed to the success of the customer from system design and product installation throughout the lifetime of the system. Let’s explore these 10 one-time and routine services that are helping customers get the most out of their HVAC systems.

  • One-time Service for a Lifetime of Performance

    While LG offers routine maintenance services for continued maintenance of products, let’s first look at the one-time service packages that allow customers to not only maintain their products, but also upgrade their systems. These services may only be one-time offerings, but they provide benefits of extending product lifetime and making your indoor environment healthier and cleaner.

Image of a Multi V infront of a beach.

Multi V Overhaul

Multi V Overhaul is a service offered for Multi V systems that have been in operation for over 20,000 hours. To increase the lifetime of Multi V systems, LG expert engineers perform thorough inspection of all components in a system, repair, replace and clean any components that are faulty or showing sign of excessive wear. Multi V Overhaul will also improve efficiency and optimize operation of the system.
Image of DUAL Vane with 5-step filtration air purifications.

Air Purification

Air Purification service entails the installation of the LG Air Purification Kit on indoor units that haven’t been installed. This service upgrades indoor unit cassettes to provide comfortable environment and create healthier spaces with 5-step filtration air purifications.
Image of an air conditioner and a remote control.

Panel Renewal Service

Panel Renewal Service provides replacement of indoor unit components with new panels at a low cost to the customer. Panels on indoor cassettes are replaced to keep the units looking good as new while adding features such as human detection sensors to improve energy efficiency and savings.
  • Routine Services are More Than Just a Routine

    LG Routine Service packages offer customers options for regular system maintenance according to their needs and budgets. The Basic package includes inspection, cleaning and replacements services while the Premium package provides an additional BECON Cloud services. Moreover, the Energy Management package offers BECON Cloud and energy management services. Each of these service packages is catered to the needs of each customer and can be customized by request to ensure customers receive the service that is right for them. But what does each of the services provided in these packages entail?

Image of a laptop and Multi V S for system inspection for any issues in components.

Inspection Service

With Inspection Service, a certified LG engineer performs thorough system inspection to identify any issues with components or performance. When an issue is identified, problematic components are replaced or repaired to prevent additional damage to the system and unnecessary operating expenses caused by faulty components.
A man cleaning dust from systems with water.

Cleaning Service

Proper cleaning of an HVAC system is often overlooked. Cleaning Service is provided to clear dust from the system for improved airflow. Cleaning of the heat exchanger also helps maintain energy efficiency and reduces energy consumption.
Image of a chart showing different options of selectable service levels.

Replacement Service

Replacement Service is offered at different levels that are suitable to customers’ needs and budgets. Excessive costs can make replacement and repair of components that suddenly break down, but this service makes it easy and cost-effective to replace parts whenever they have issues.
Image of BECON Cloud Service connectivity to system operations.

BECON Cloud Service

Through BECON Cloud Service, a customer’s HVAC system is connected via cloud server for monitoring and control of system operations. System data, including operation information and environmental factors, is also stored on the cloud for LG expert analysis to foresee potential issues with the system so they can be addressed before a problem occurs.
A man looking at many screens displaying LG's Energy Management Service.

Energy Management

With this comprehensive data, LG Energy Management Service is able to outline an optimized energy-saving plan that can then be implemented through AI algorithms that manage HVAC system performance.
A DUAL Vane interior getting Careship Service.

Air Purification Careship Service

To ensure air purification performance, Air Purification Careship Service delivers a 12-step maintenance program that cleans and maintains each part of the air purification system, including the 5-step filter.
A paper with a "Extended Warranty" stamp.

Extended Warranty

Along with these routine services, LG also offers an extended warranty program that allows customers to receive all repairs at a fixed cost.
  • LG strives to help its customers succeed and fully enjoy the benefits of their HVAC systems. These integrated and comprehensive service packages ensure each customer receive the maintenance they need throughout the long lifetime of LG HVAC systems.

*Products and solutions may vary according to country and operating conditions.
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