• Most of us know LG as a leading manufacturer of home appliances. LG appliances have been transforming our lives at home for decades. What many people may not know is that LG is much more than merely a home appliance manufacturer. LG has developed a way to connect all of its innovations to revolutionize the concept of the home itself. LG ThinQ Home harnesses the power of connectivity to integrate IoT enabled appliances so they can work seamlessly together at home. Connectivity through ThinQ Home allows your home to work for you while saving money and time for you and your family. ThinQ Home has created a smarter home for a smarter lifestyle.

A person sitting in a living room with controlling the air conditioner and air purifier with his phone. A person sitting in a living room with controlling the air conditioner and air purifier with his phone.
ThinQ Home connectivity allows your home to adapt to your lifestyle
  • A Smarter Lifestyle

    When coming home after a long day, nothing is better than having everything just the way you like it. You can set up the Routine Mode so that ThinQ intuitively learns your routine and automatically prepares each appliance in your home to your preferences. This smart platform gives you full control over and insight into every aspect of your home. Everything from HVAC systems and air purifiers to lighting systems and water heaters can be managed all through ThinQ so you will get to relax, because your home will know exactly what to do. Even more, LG offers Proactive Customer Care, which provides personalized tips and maintenance reminders that helps you manage system issues before they occur. ThinQ Home adapts to your lifestyle to help you stay smart and stay ahead!

Process of energy delivery from solar panels to instruments. Process of energy delivery from solar panels to instruments.
Let LG ThinQ Home optimize how your home consumes energy
  • Smart Energy Optimization

    Beyond personal convenience, LG ThinQ Home also acts as an energy optimization system that can manage everything from energy production and storage to energy consumption. When you implement new and renewable energy sources such as the LG’s innovative solar panels, you can use ThinQ Home to store that energy with an Energy Storage System (ESS) until it is needed at peak hours to reduce energy costs. This energy can also be utilized as power HVAC systems or even can be supplied back to the grid. But ThinQ Home also has predictive intelligence that can automatically calculate the optimum combination of energy allocation factors and do the hard work for you. Even in a power outage, ThinQ will use its AI-powered energy optimization system to fine-tune energy consumption. ThinQ Home can manage HVAC systems, TVs, pool pumps and even electric vehicles whether or not they are LG products or a product from one of LG’s growing network of partners. Your home should run just as you want it to without limiting your choices. It’s LG’s job to ensure your home is running efficiently, conveniently, economically and sustainably.

Many people enjoying their lives through ThinQ Home. Many people enjoying their lives through ThinQ Home.
LG ThinQ Home offers more than just a smart home system, it offers a smarter lifestyle
  • When it comes to a smart home solution, LG ThinQ Home is the ideal smart home solution. But even beyond that, it also offers a new way of living. IoT and AI connectivity does more than take care of you and your family. With ThinQ Home, it takes the next step to care for the community, the planet and the future. When LG says, ‘Innovation for a Better Life,’ it means a better life for everyone which is the core principle behind LG ThinQ Home. It’s a truly smart home for a truly better life!

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