• The Advertiser

    State-of-the-art technology by LG transformed The Advertiser's Level 5 Function Space into the perfect, versatile area for corporate events, presentations, and conferences.

  • Background

    From an internal meeting space to a new hotspot for Adelaide businesses The Advertiser’s office in Adelaide had a lack-lustre function space on level 5, equipped with outdated audio-visual infrastructure that could not keep up with the company’s needs. The media company had been using the space largely for internal presentations and meetings, but The Advertiser’s new managing director of South Australia, Melissa Librandi, knew there was more potential to be unlocked. She wanted to create a multipurpose space that facilitates townhall-style meetings with enthusiastic discussions, business presentations that leave a lasting impression, corporate events that people actually want to attend, and the perfect backdrop for building strong relationships with other Adelaide companies. To create a function space that truly stands out in the bustling Adelaide business community, The Advertiser enlisted the help of experts from Leedall – Future Thinking, a leading Adelaide company that designs, integrates ,supplies, installs, and maintains commercial A/V solutions and Workspace technologies.

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  • Challenge

    Outshining the sun in a glass-walled room One of the biggest issues to overcome was the amount of ambient light that entered the room through the floor-to-ceiling glass walls. This meant that ordinary projection displays wouldn't stand a chance of shining through, as those images would simply be washed out. The space needed something that would truly pop and command attention, even under the glare of the brightest sun, without needing to install any amenity. Another challenge was the absence of a solid wall for mounting the display due to an internal glass partition. This meant that a floating floor-to-ceiling mount would be required, which added another layer of complexity to the project.

  • Benefit

    From ordinary to extraordinary experiences The transformation has been a sweeping success. Leedall –Future Thinking’s engineering team delivered a solution that's easy to use, works seamlessly, and delivers stunning quality video image thanks to LG’s 136” LED display. Soon after the state-of-the-art refurbishment was complete, The Advertiser hosted a townhall meeting with2,000 attendees from across the country, 1,800 of which dialled into the meeting remotely. The event ran seamlessly and attendees were blown away by the quality of the images and sound. Now, the level 5 function space is more than just a space; it's where ideas come to life, connections are formed, and memories are made. Leedall – Future Thinking is already seeing more interest from potential clients who want to create a similar experience for their own events — a testament to the quality of LG technology.

  • Solution

    Cutting-edge A/V solutions that cut through the noise and sunlight. Picture a sleek and modern space, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls overlooking the city skyline. At the centre of the room isa massive, crystal-clear display that commands attention — a state-of-the-art LG LAEC015-GN2 136” LED display with a massive 500 nit brightness. The Advertiser chose the LG display, knowing its high brightness and unparalleled image quality could stand up to the ambient light coming from those glass walls. The installation was a breeze, thanks to the Vogel floor-to-ceiling mount that gave the display a floating effect. With an in-built controller, there was no need for hardware cluttering up the front of the room. But the display was just the beginning. This project was all about creating a fully functional, cutting-edge space that would make an impact. To that end, the Leedall – Future Thinking team added a range of must-have AV features, like a ceiling-mounted tracking camera that follows the presenter as they move around the room, and a variety of wireless microphones for crystal-clear audio. These features along with the perfectly tuned audio are controlled through a powerful Crestron core solution, including two touch panels that provide an intuitive user interface. With Crestron NVX encoders and decoders, ultra-high-definition content can be routed to the displays over a standard Cat6 network.

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